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Guides/Manuals Exporting and Importing
A Basic Guide to Exporting
Importing into the US Commercial Guide
Recent Trends in U.S. Services Trade
Export Programs Guide
Glossary of Shipping Terms
Market Research Market Research Library
Doing Business
Country Commercial Guide
Compliance Trade Compliance Center
Export Compliance Introduction, U.S. Census (Video)
FAQ’s on Export Licensing Requirements (DOC BIS)
The Export Legal Assistance Network
Videos Export Planning/Documentation/Regulations/Country-Market (Webinars)
AESDirect Overview Registration (Video)
SBA’s Export Express (Video)
Trade Leads The Federation International Trade Associations(FITA)
Asian Trade Leads
Trade Leads for a Variety of Industry Sectors
Export and Import Transactions Tips for New Importers and Exporters 
Comparative Review of Selected Free Trade Zones Around the World
Exporting Getting Started in Exporting
Trade Port
Schedule “B” Search Engine
Consolidated Screening List (CSL)Export Business Planner
Export Trading Company Act.
Begin Exporting (Interactive)
Importing Tariff and Import Fees
Harmonized Tariff Schedule (Search Engine)
International Trade Forms
2012 Harmonized System Changes
Importing Goods Into The United States (YouTube)
CBP Information Center
The Giant Book that Creates and Destroyed Entire Industry (npr’s Morning Edition) Audio
Articles Approaches to Importing and Exporting
Exporting Pros and Cons for Small Businesses – The News Review “Money Monday” (Tekle Sebahtu)
Essentials to Export/Import Success
Preventing Fraud When Sourcing From Overseas(Tekle Sebhatu)
Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Making Export/Import Decisions(Tekle Sebhatu)
Selecting Import Agents and Customs Brokers(Tekle Sebhatu)

Using a Proforma Invoice Will Help Increase Your Profits (Tekle Sebhatu)