Export Marketing Essentials

Export Marketing Essentials: 4 Modules

Module I: Why Export Marketing? Marketing Concepts: Covers the differences between export marketing and domestic marketing, applying major concepts— segmentation, targeting and positioning (STP). This Module will also examine selecting appropriate international marketing research methodologies, and export marketing environments.
Module II: Marketing Mix (Product, Price, Place, Promotion)Strategies: Discusses product or service strategies, pricing objectives and strategies, landed cost, direct or indirect distribution channels [including the role of Export Management Companies (EMC) and Export Trading Companies (ETC)], and the different promotion mediums.
Module III: Export Market Entry Strategies, Selection Criteria and Planning Process: Helps Identify potential target markets, and modes of entering markets, and finding qualified buyers, and selecting agents or distributors. This Module will also analyze various types of buyers and the factors that influence their purchasing decisions.
Module IV: E-exporting and Contemporary Issues in Export Marketing: Examines e-business, e-commerce and e-marketing as they relate to export marketing. Responding to trade leads and marketing using social media platforms will be covered. This Module will also address contemporary issues in export marketing and cultural considerations.

What to Expect

These courses are designed around participation and online interaction. You may take part in asynchronous or synchronous review sessions with the instructor. Expect to read the materials, and take part in the discussion forum. Participation in the review sessions is optional.
Course Delivery

The courses are taught entirely online, designed around participation and online interaction. Each session encourages participants to share their export/import experiences, knowledge and business world events that support the material in each Module