• Export/Import MGT
    The Export and Import Practice Management course contains practical lessons in global trading which deals with the most important aspects of importing and exporting, including approaches
    Export Marketing
    Export Marketing Online is designed to provide a broad comprehensive background knowledge, conceptual understanding, tools and strategies to help companies make informed export
    Export Practices
    Export Practice is designed for individual entrepreneurs, small and medium sized companies obtain a broad comprehensive foundation of exporting and the knowledge and skills necessary to work
    Import Practices
    Import Practices is designed for individual entrepreneurs, small and medium sized companies obtain a broad comprehensive foundation of the knowledge and skills necessary to import and or to work
  • Instructor Biography
    Tekle Sebhatu, Ph.D., M.B.A., Certified Global Business Professional (NASBITE) and a Certified Online Instructor (COI) is Principal of STC International. He has over 22 years of domestic and international business experience. Started as an entrepreneur has consulted and trained Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) for the Bay Area World Trade Center, BAYTRADE (an export promotion organization) and for the Small Business Development Center/Center for International Trade Development in the greater San Francisco, Bay Area. As a consultant he has helped many companies to market their products in the international marketplace and has written several articles and presented export/import-related workshops to businesses and entrepreneurs. Currently, in addition to managing STC International, he teaches export /import essentials, and other International and general business courses at Strayer University Online and other institutions. His previous teaching experiences include Import/Export Trade Operations and other international business courses at the University of California at Berkeley Extension, International Marketing course at Georgetown University, Continuing Education in Washington, DC, training entrepreneurs using satellite for the Africa Virtual University (AVU)— a World Bank spin-off in Washington DC— and the University of California at Santa Cruz, Extension. Dr. Sebhatu has over thirteen years training and teaching synchronous and asynchronous online courses using various Course Management System (CMS) and he presently serves as a volunteer for SCORE (Counselors to America’s Small Business).


    “Readers seeking programmed basic export instruction on the Web should check out Dr. Tekle Sebhatu’s online Export Practices Management course http://www.stcinternational.us. Designed primarily for the new exporter or new employee of an exporting firm, this course would also suit service providers seeking an insight of what their exporting clients need. The weekly instruction modules come with text sections, assignments, and suggested outside readings, and include fundamentals; documents; payments and financing; marketing; shipping and insurance, and legal and cultural.  This course also passed my Incoterms and linkages litmus tests. Instruction is in clear business English, a real plus when there is no face-to-face contact. Navigation was simple enough even for a computer-illiterate me.  Of course, the big advantage of online instruction is that one never need miss a class. Students can chat with each other, and message back and forth with Dr. Sebhatu. It is obvious that the good doctor has done this sort of thing for a while, and has anticipated the hassles of remote learning. I understand there’s even credit available from a Florida college.”
    Export ABCs by Frank Reynolds
    Journal of Commerce ONLINE
    (For Incoterms 2000)
    “Now that I have received my Bay Area World Trade Center certificate in Import/Export Management, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the class. As an attorney, my practice focuses on international business matters and over the years I’ve had to address issues related to many of the subjects you cover in your course. In particular, the important import/export issues for me were, to name a few, customs, insurance, shipping, documentation, payment methods, risk of loss and developing new markets. The course was very helpful as it tied all of these areas together and helped me understand these issues from the perspective of the importer/exporter entrepreneur. Not only was your course was very informative, but it also turned out to be a great networking opportunity. Substantively, we learned many new vocabulary and acronyms and had the benefit of your practical experience and insight. In addition to the wide variety of issues we learned about in class, you also showed us where to go to research import/export related issues, how to find relevant information and carefully explained to us the necessity and value of Informed Compliance.
    Beyond the education and information you have imparted to me, I also thank you for your friendship in general and your willingness to continue to develop our relationship to our mutual benefit. I am hopeful that we can work together on import/export projects in the future.”
    Please don’t hesitate to contact me for anything.
    David R. Socher
    “As Chairperson of the Greater San José Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and an Entrepreneur with goals to start an Importing/Exporting business, I took the 8week Importing/Exporting Management course offered by the Bay Area World Trade Center in Oakland in the spring of 2006 along with my husband, Ray Chavez and Jason Saldana who is a Director of the Board in the chamber. The class conveniently met once a week in the evening. The information given was extremely beneficial and was presented in such a way that it was easy to understand; everything from the materials, power point presentations, guest speaker and most importantly our instructor, Dr. Tekle Sebhatu.
    With Dr. Sebhatu’s experience and knowledge, he brought hands on experience to the classroom.
    I am glad to say that I recently returned from Miami, Nicaragua and Mexico City as part of a delegation with my affiliated chamber. Many business contacts were made, my business has been started, Q&C ExIm, LLC and I am ready to make my first transaction.
    I recommend this course to all who wish to explore the many opportunities the world has at its disposal.
    Griselda Quezada-Chavez
    Q&C ExIm, LLC

    Thank you very much for your excellent presentation at the chapter lunch today. I especially liked your organizing technique. You made the talk easy to follow and made it easy for the audience to focus on the key take away points.  Providing the members with links to resources is a most helpful approach to such a large body of information. Your timing was perfect. I appreciate your effort and skill in selecting key aspects of an enormous subject to make a coherent and accessible talk.
    Ray Staton
    Score Counselor (Eugene, OR)

    Dear Dr. Sebhatu:I was in your Import/Export class in August. I just wanted to convey to you what a tremendous job you did. Your energy, willingness to entertain questions (regardless of how off beat they were), and your knowledge of the subject was much appreciated. I am working on a proposal right now, with my class notes in front of me!.”
    Monty Baveja
    AFB Resources

    “A whole new approach to learning the export and import business. After carefully reviewing  all the courses, I have no doubt that new and seasoned exporters and importers will benefit from Export Practice Management Courses. The Courses are enormously resourceful, comprehensive and very rich in content.”
    Mr. Jose Duenas
    President and CEO
    Bay Area World Trade Center
    Oakland California

    Dear,  Dr Tekle,
    I just wanted to covey my appreciation for all your help and guidance.  In the past few months, not only have I successfully executed 2 export orders for secondary steel I was working on, but have also landed a very good job in exports.Thank you once again.  I do hope I can still reach you for any assistance I may need.Regards
    Manoj Baijal