• Export/Import MGT
    The Export and Import Practice Management course contains practical lessons in global trading which deals with the most important aspects of importing and exporting, including approaches
    Export Marketing
    Export Marketing Online is designed to provide a broad comprehensive background knowledge, conceptual understanding, tools and strategies to help companies make informed export
    Export Practices
    Export Practice is designed for individual entrepreneurs, small and medium sized companies obtain a broad comprehensive foundation of exporting and the knowledge and skills necessary to work
    Import Practices
    Import Practices is designed for individual entrepreneurs, small and medium sized companies obtain a broad comprehensive foundation of the knowledge and skills necessary to import and or to work
  • STC International offers export and import courses using a hybrid model that blends conventional online instruction with live webinars. The courses are designed to assist entrepreneurs and Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) in acquiring higher quality, more in-depth, outcome-based knowledge needed to penetrate foreign markets. To help increase interaction between the instructor and participants, several live webinars are conducted.
    These online courses are self-paced and highly interactive. Participants can register for one course or more. These courses have proven to be effective both online and face-to-face, with over 500 participants at the Bay Area World Trade Center and the Center for International Trade Development.
    Each course incorporates:
    Reading materials prepared by the instructor, and selected publications within the context of real-world export and import situations.
    Power Point slides highlighting topics covered in the reading materials and from other resources.
    Discussion questions, wherein participants post responses to questions and contribute by making comments to other participants’ posts.
    Exercise assignments related to specific modules to help participants in mastering key concepts.
    Live webinars, wherein the instructor summarizes key concepts with participant opportunities to ask questions live of the instructor and colleagues.

    What to Expect
    These courses are designed around active participation and online interaction, you may take part in asynchronous or synchronous review sessions webinar discussions with the instructor and other course participants. Expect to spend 3 to 4 hours for each Module to complete the assignments, read the materials, take part in the discussion forum and participate in review sessions (optional).

    Course Delivery
    The courses are taught entirely online, and they are designed around participation and online interaction. Each course encourages participants to share their export/import experiences, knowledge and business world events that supports the material in each Module.